I’m a junior in high school studying film. As a student, I find films to be really interesting. Analyzing subtle details within a movie and digging up their hidden meanings is my prefered way of spending a Saturday night. Film is significant because it reflects society through multiple different points of view. Film also has the power to alter opinions—a single movie can change someone’s life.

Furthermore, film criticism is important because it helps an audience understand how a film is relevant to society. Critics draw parallels that help us identify our place in the world, as well as forge connections with one another. However, without critics in every age bracket, it is easier for large chunks of our society to remain isolated from one another. 

Engaging young people in film criticism should be easy. Making film accessible is the first step. In the current state of events during quarantine, films are either released to specific online platforms or theaters. In my opinion, giving every young person access to all streaming platforms would eliminate this barrier. Making the movie-watching experience more social by staging group watch parties that are followed by conversations may entice more teens and young adults to participate in film critique.    

Sofia Vargas

Sofia Vargas

Hi, I’m Sofia Vargas. I’m a first year junior studying film at Interlochen Arts Academy. My interest in filmmaking started during quarantine. I aspire to be a filmmaker as a career and analyze films for inspiration. I absolutely love telling a story through the screen. While most of my time is spent creating films, I also enjoy acting, spending time with my friends, and writing.

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