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Lydia Rodgers

Clinton, MD

Hi! My name is Lydia Rodgers and I am currently attending Interlochen Arts Academy, located in Interlochen, MI. I am currently in the 11th grade, and I am from Clinton, Maryland. I grew up with so many people at home, up to the point where we had a full house. I’ve had so many people in my life that guided me every step of the way of life, up until now. I am the youngest of 5 kids so that has always been very important to me especially since I can look up to them for advice and they know life a little better than I do. Before film, writing all kinds of stories, poems, you name it has always been a part of my life. For my first two years of high school, I was at Suitland High School back at home, and I had also gone there for film. One of my brothers are actually doing things in the film industry, and he also went to Suitland for film. Film and writing will forever be apart of my life, and I can’t wait until I get older to do my work in the real world.

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